In the early 1900's Rhodes & Beckett set sail for Egypt in search of the world's finest fabrics so they could fulfill their passion of making the world's finest quality shirts.

More than 100 years on that passion to source only the finest raw materials and to produce only the best quality garments still prevails at Rhodes & Beckett.

This passion drives us to meticulously hand tailor every Rhodes & Beckett shirt from 100% pure Egyptian cotton fabric that is sourced, woven and finished under our watchful supervision.

Our ties are handmade in Italy from the finest silk woven near Como, and our suits are tailored from highest quality woolen fabrics from Biella.

It is this combination of the finest raw materials and traditional artisan tailoring techniques, coupled with a bold and fashion forward perspective, which produces garments that are unmistakably Rhodes & Beckett.


Rhodes & Beckett has a proud tradition of producing some of the world's finest shirts by combining a rare blend of English tailoring and superfine Egyptian cotton.

Our shirts are hand tailored by master craftsmen using time-honoured traditions and processes handed down through generations of English tailors. This hand tailoring process allows us to ensure that each and every shirt we produce is cut to the correct proportions, thus providing a superior fit and maximum comfort for our customers.

We carefully select only the finest 100% superfine Egyptian cotton and oversee step by step the weaving of our cotton into finished fabric. The resulting fabric has a hand feel far softer than most other shirting available anywhere in the world. Our fabric also retains its lustre and colour longer than many other high quality cotton fabrics, and importantly is very crease resistant (without the need to use the environmentally unfriendly chemicals that many 'wrinkle free' shirts often use).

We gain an enormous amount of pleasure producing and supplying high quality Egyptian cotton shirts to our loyal customers.


Rhodes & Beckett ties are made in Milan by a third generation family business that has been making ties by hand since 1922.

An internal spine - the hallmark of a genuine hand made tie, and our signature red - provides support and structure to ensure that our ties always maintain a perfect form. Self-tipping (where the lining on the rear of the tie is made with the same silk as the tie itself) provides an added touch of luxury and just enough extra weight to ensure that our ties always sit perfectly.

We use only prestigious and luxurious Italian silk and pure Australian wool linings to ensure you gain enjoyment from your Rhodes & Beckett tie for many years to come.


Rhodes & Beckett has a proud tradition of tailoring suits of the highest quality. Our suits are hand finished using time-honoured traditions and processes handed down by generations of English tailors.

Our main line suits are constructed with a floating canvas chest piece, rather than the less expensive fused linings used by most other brands, to provide superior comfort, fit and durability.

All Rhodes & Beckett suits are made with luxurious fabrics woven in Italy from the finest Australian wool. This guarantees our fabrics have a softer hand feel and beautiful lustre for years to come.