Masterpiece Launch

When every detail is a universe, every button, stitch, and hem. The elements a world together and a world apart. Beautifully balanced. Better as one.

It’s more powerful than the sum of its pieces. More valuable than the time it takes to create. More remarkable when you see it for the second time. More beautiful whenever it holds your gaze.

It’s alive in the mind for a lifetime, forever transient, moving, and strong. Impossible to put into words. Hopeless to try and recreate.

With these words I announce the Rhodes & Beckett Masterpiece shirt. Our finest piece to date, with hand stitched and attached gussets, hand stitched seams at the shoulder and arms, classic collar, and double cuffs. Made from 100% cotton and crafted in Switzerland.

It marks a new creative direction for Rhodes & Beckett; a time to celebrate the daring spirit of men and women who forge a path through the city. Who make the decision to burn the candle at both ends. Who have big lives and big jobs and big families. And somehow find a balance in between.

I have attached some photographs of our launch event, a lunch at Vue De Monde in Melbourne.