Where does inspiration come from? That’s not an easy question to answer. 

It’s a feel thing. A mood thing. Something that i’ve learned not to control or force or try to bring on. 

At the beginning of every season, we draw inspiration from wherever it comes. 

Sometimes we find it in people, looking at the combinations of cuts and colours that they wear as they walk through the streets or around the office. 

Sometimes it’s the world we find ourselves in. The spirit of the times. The city, the season, the weather, and the news. 

The important thing is to let it all mean something. To take it all in. 

More often than not, if you’re careful and considered, your inspiration comes together in a real and tangible mood. Without knowing it, everything you collect over a time can be put together as one, and it tells a real and consistent story. 

That’s where it starts, every year. We start with a feeling and then we create a mood. A mood that says something about the present moment. 

A mood that helps to define every piece of every Rhodes & Beckett collection.