On the way to your morning coffee you could smell the flowers blooming in the gardens as you walked past. You were walking more slowly than usual, and when you sipped your coffee you could really taste it. Lately, when laughing, you’ve been really laughing. When working, really working. And then you realise - something is happening to you. Something strange.

You’re feeling great.

According to a study from The University of Michigan, there’s a science to the way we feel in spring. It’s not just that the year is coming to a close or that summer holidays are around the corner. In the beginning of September, when the weather warms and we spend more time outside, our brains change. In spring, our brains produce more dopamine, melatonin, and endorphins.

According to an article in The Atlantic online, “In summary, across The University of Michigan studies, spending more time outside on clear, sunny days, particularly in the spring, was found to increase mood, memory, and openness to new ideas.”

It’s the most wonderful kind of non-vicious cycle: when you’re happy, you’re more open to new experiences. So instead of driving to the station or catching an Uber between meetings, you’re more likely to walk. Instead of saying no to the theatre tickets your work friend offers, you say yes. Your happiness makes you more inspired, creative, and open. Your openness makes you more happy.

It’s the reason why every year, when spring comes around, you feel like shedding all of the clothes from your wardrobe and starting again. Because we’re happy, we want to wear clothes that tell the world how we feel. On the flip side, it’s our job to create a range that help you to express all of these new found emotions.

So this season, we’ve curated a spring wardrobe from our collection. A wardrobe that will help you shed your winter skin, look at the world with more ambition and openness than ever before, and keep the wheel turning on this new found happiness of yours.