Seasonal Illuminations

When you’re designing a collection there’s no secret path to the finish. Your inspiration comes from everywhere. You learn to look in the right places and if you want to lead, you can’t take from things that have already been.

Inspiration comes from the emotions on world you’re living in, from the spirit of the times, from the feeling you get when you’re around the people you love and when you stop to take a moment and step out of every-day life.

Once you start to contextualise the mood then the collection slowly comes together. Themes naturally arise and the same principles and techniques are carried over, meaning the entire collection comes from one place. The collection grows and embodies the mood, reflecting the essence of the time.

When designing for the Rhodes & Beckett Women, we describe the season in words. Across the collection there are eight themes and moods. Spring Summer is ornate, modern, architectural and high-tech. Taking inspiration from the city skyline, Las Vegas casinos nights and the gaming scene of the early 90’s. The first blossoms of spring and the sultry heat at the height of summer inspire the colour ranges.

For Men, it’s different again. It feels transient and worldly, royal, industrial and concrete. Inspired by the intensity on the trading floors, the intent of city lawyers, after work drinks and also a quiet escape. 

These moods and inspiration evolve into the garments you see in the collection. Our Ladies’ A-line Karen dress features a confident peak lapel, while the silk Calvi blouse is cut with an elegant, cascading draped neckline. Regal ruffles in crisp cotton are seen in the Alfi blouse, and intricate pin-tuck details create a sumptuous texture in the Caroline blouse.

The focus on details is paramount for men. The vibrant blue sharkskin suit is smartly cut in a tailored fit, single button and wide-notch lapel. Subtle patterns expressed through shadow-checks with hints of cobalt steal the limelight.

Heightened summer textures are introduced in our new wool mohair quality. It’s a bold Royal Navy with pinstripe and a charcoal pinstripe. Key new elements such as wide notch lapels, elegant square-cut shawl lapels for dinner suits, and 3 piece suits define our season.

Every collection is a different story, a different manifestation of the world today.

Spring Summer 2016 is a collection we are proud to introduce.


Image Sources: Unknown
Artist: Beth Nicholas